Free Fall Lifeboat

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Product Description:

Free fall lifeboat is the type the embarkation at the aft hatch,its building is according to the latest regulations of SOLAS and rules of international lifesaving equipments(LSA),Revision bill of MSC.218(82),MSC.275(85) and resolutions of MSC.81(70),Revision bill of MSC.226(82),MSC.274(85).

It can safely evacuate crew from vessels or offshore platforms upon the slipways.The free fall release systems are specifically designed for easy activation by the crew. Very safe and reliable.


1.Class certificates:ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, EC, GL, LR, NK, etc.
2.Capacity:20-44 persons


The hull/canopy of lifeboat is made of the fire reinforced plastic(F.R.P.—fire retardant ). The spacebetween the inside and outside hull/canopy is filled with polyurethane foam which will supply sufficient buoyancy for the boat. The boat will be afloat with the help of the foam even the part of boat underneath the water damaged.The fully loaded boat will be self-righting when the boat turn over to any angle. This lifeboat Equipment is used for the life-saving and rescue on the sea.


Type Passenger(p) Main dimensions(m) Permitted height(m) Rating landing angle Host/Power(kw) Empty boat weight(kg) Full load boat weight(kg)
BCFC-5.2M 20 5.20×2.50×3.07 16 35° 380J-3/20.6 3JH30A/22.1 DV29/21.3 2615 4265
BCFF-5.2M 20 5.20×2.50×3.07 16 35° 2955 4605
BCFC-6.0M 28 6.00×2.62×3.08 16 35° 3182 5492
BCFF-6.0M 28 6.00×2.62×3.08 16 35° 3520 5830
BCFC-6.8M 32 6.80×2.75×3.10 20 35° 3530 6170
BCFF-6.8M 32 6.80×2.75×3.10 20 35° 3840 6480
BCFC-9.0M 44 9.00×2.80×3.33 22 35° 4900 8530
BCFF-9.0M 44 9.00×2.80×3.33 22 35° 5250 8880

BCFC is common type,BCFF is fire-resistant type.

Other choices for the engine:

Three imported engines are available.

SABB(21.6KW) , BUKH(21.3KW) and Yanmar(22.1KW) .

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