8 Persons Personnel Basket

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China 8 Persons Personnel Basket:

The special personnel transfer baskets of the HYF-8 offshore wind power platform is divided into the rated crew of 4 and 8, and the maximum diameter of the chassis is 2450mm.The main frame structure is made of high quality metal SUS316L,which can be used to deal with long-term sea salt and fog corrosion.The design life can be up to 5 to 8 years.The crew USES the inside to overcome the fear of the surrounding rope net and the damage caused by the driver's misoperation to the crew.

8 Persons Version:

Diameter 2450mm,

Height 3340mm,

Weight 400kg,
Maximum load 800kg.

4 Persons Version:

Diameter 2450mm,

Height 3222mm,

Weight 350kg,
Maximum load 400kg.

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