MICH2000B Kevlar Helmet

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1.Material:Aramid. if you must need PE,we can provide too.


3.Reliable quality with competitive price.

4.Different models available.

5.Size: Fast only have size suitable for all persons,which can be adjust. Other models have S,M,L available.


Model Protection Level Weight Description
FAST 1.4kg-1.45kg 1.Mich 2001 shell
NIJ IIIA 2.head-loc suspenion system
9mm /.44Mag 3.side rail and mountingsystem
PASGT M88 NIJ IIIA 9mm /.44Mag 1.Four-point,Modular suspenion system
1.40±0.05kg 2.Color:black,Dark blue,Camo,Tan
Mich 2000 NIJ IIIA 9mm /.44Mag 1.7 pad suspenion system
1.4kg 2.Color:black,Dark blue,Camo,Tan
Mich 2000B NIJ IIIA 9mm /.44Mag 1.45kg 1.7 pad suspenion system
2.side rail and mountingsystem
3.Color:black,Dark blue,Camo,Tan
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