DF-6Z Portable Explosion Proof Torch

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DF-6Z Portable Explosion Proof Torch

It is flame proofed and use for local lighting and emergency lighting in GB3836.2-2000 listed inflammable and expolosive locations, and it also applies to the patrol and maintenance of the above-mentioned places. This lamp is widely used in ship customs,wharf,airport,public security,firefighting, frontier defense and arriage of dangerous goods, this product has features of high strength,far lighting distance, long life,moisture protection.

The product has passed the inspection of national-level lighting lamp explosion-proof safety supervision inspection station and it conforms to the requirement of national standard GB3836.2-2010. Explosion-proof certification No.:GYB13.1617X. This product is authorized by China classification society of shipping.

Main Function:

1. The product's shell material painted with fine lancquer layer is mae of ZDL-102 aluminium alloy.

2.Lamp shell doesn't have through-hole, the lamp's switch on-off uses the structure of dry spring of alarm circuits and strong magnetic switch to ensure the explosion-proof character.

3.The lamp has safety lock clamping screw nail ensuring the closure of the lamp in inflammable and explosives locations. The lamp cover can only be opened in safe place by person in charge of using special spanner when the electrictiy is off.

4.Direct current sourse No.1 Battery by sixth.

5.Light bulb:7.2V 0.5A

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