SOLAS Approval Reflective Tape

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SOLAS Approval Reflective Tape:


1. Sewing on type and backing adhesive type available.
2. Water-resistant and 5 years life
3.Admit by IMO and US COAST GUARD.

Product Description:

High intensity grade salvage lifesaving use adhesive reflective Tape is a reflecting material with micro glass beads of high reflecting rate embedded a special layer. After this reflective sheeting is applied to hard surface of other objects, its wearer or itself is in high visibility under the sea night time as well as weak light conditions. This kind of reflective sheeting is especially suitable for salvage lifesaving kit, nowadays it is popular by relative personals and organizations in many countries, furthermore, it is admissive maritime use material by IMO and US COAST GUARD.

1.Surface film: PMMA, highly flexible

2.Backing: PE film, release paper or fabric backing

3.Standard color: White ,Silver

4.Durability: 5 years

5.Standard size: 5cm*45.7m/roll or 1.24m*45.7m/roll ,can be customized.

6.SOLAS printed on the film with ship wheel mark


1.Rafts and life jackets etc.

Standard Coefficient of Retro-reflection

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