CCS Approved Marine Starting Air Compressor CVF-43

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China CCS Approved Marine Starting Air Compressor CVF-43:

Model: CVF-43

Delivery pressure: 3.0Mpa

Capacity: 30m3/h,36m3/h,44m3/h.

Bore diameter: 110/50mm

Stroke: 68mm

Number of Cylinder: 2

Cooling Method: air cooled

Second stage compression

Piston type

Suitable for air bottle equal or smaller than 0.1 m3 to 0.5 m3


High Efficiency,energy saving,low noise.

Marine Starting Air Compressor Diesel Unit CVF-43

Automatic control

1.The machine set contain automatic control device, and establish to deal with contact, can show the movement signal, Show the motor Super burden signal.
2.Start/stop pressure controller: according to the pressure setting, the unit will stop at high pressure of 2.7~2.9 MPa and start at low pressure of 2.0~2.2 MPa.
3.Unload the way to divide into automatically or manually.
4.Air suction filter, Class I and II safety valves, Class A and B pressure gauges, intermediate cooler , common base, three phase asynchronous motor, solenoid valve, control box , and pressure controller.
5.Note: the control box and pressure controller are not mounted on the unit but at suitable positions on the ship cabin (as the control pressure air source for the pressure controller must be connected from the air bottle, it should be as near to the air bottle as possible).

Spare parts

List of spare parts as follows: the piston rings, valve sheet, asbestos pad, each one sets.

Quality control

1.Guarantee period: Under the premise of transport、maintenance and installed, in 12 months after the ship be delivered, If the machine appear some trouble because of the Quality.the manufacturer must supply the service for free.

2.When Out of Expect date,the manufacturer must supply the service and receive the necessary expenditure.


Model Type Displacement capacity Rated pressure Rotate speed Motor power Driving method Overall size
m3/h Mpa r/min KW mm
CVF-43 Vertical type.
Air cooling.
Second stage compression.
Piston type.
30 3 1200 7.5 Belt type or Direct connection type. 1400x700x920
36 1500 11
44 1800 11
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