1000Tons Hydraulic Steel Wire Rope Press Machine

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China 1000Tons Hydraulic Steel Wire Rope Press Machine:

1000Tons Steel Wire Rope Press Machine is Hydraulic Wire Rope Swage Machine, used to make pressed wire rope sling, with feature of compact form, good-looking appearance and easy operation. Widely used at mine, metallurgy, wharf, railway, electrics and other filed.

  • It uses a mechanical and electrical design, to switch to a different mold, you can suppress the different specifications of wire rope, easy to operate and safe.
  • Dual control for hydraulic system, the overflow valve, magnetic contact on the pressure gauge can be accurately controlled.
  • Electric control parts of the low-voltage control, an increase of operating system security.
  • Pull the rope to suppress large, beautiful, fast, and a wire rope press-fit just a few minutes to complete, significantly reduced the labor intensity and improve the work efficiency.

Technical Specification

Max press power (KN) 10000
Max wire rope diameter in one pressing (mm) Φ44
Max wire rope diameter in multi-pressing (mm) Φ56
Power (KW) 11+7.5
Max working pressure (Mpa) 58Mpa
Max piston movement (mm) 160
The up speed of piston(mm/sec) 4.8
The down speed of piston(mm/sec) 10
Total length (mm) 2500
Total width (mm) 1100
Total height (mm) 2100
Net weight (kg) 5500

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