Wire Rope Annealing Machine with Smoke Exhaust

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China Wire Rope Annealing Machine with Smoke Exhaust:

Wire Rope Annealing Machine, with high melting speed and easy to operate, are applicable for melting steel rope of various dimensions, especially elevator ropes, mine ropes, crane cables and other high quality steel ropes. The steel ropes melted ar neat and smooth with conical and spiral ends. These machines are mainly applied by steel rope manufactures and customers.

  • Cleverish in shape and convenient to move;
  • With a wide range in melting diameter, the steel ropes can be melted without replacing any parts within the range of prescribed diameter;
  • Easy to operate, no spanner is needed for tightening device, and the welding head is nice in apperance;
  • Low working power, energy saving and safe in use;

Technical Specification

Mode No. 1010 1011 1012 1013
Rated Power (KW) 5KW 12KW 50KW 100KW
Burn out Range 3-16mm 6-32mm 18-48mm 28-60mm
Dimensions(mm) 700x400x1200 1200x800x1100 1600x1200x1800 1600x1200x1800
Weight 75kg 260kg 550kg 600kg

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