19-F Bearing Repeater Compass

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China 19-F Bearing Repeater Compass:

19-F bearing repeater compass is a newly designed and developed bearing
repeater compass , it adopts latest electronic technology and computer technology and the digital course heading signal which accords with NMEA2.0(IEC 61162-1) sentences can be directly inputted , through computing relay and drive the dial which is similar to mechanical repeater compass running thereby indicating course heading of the vessel and simultaneously possessing digital display of course heading .Therefore the repeater compass is directly suitable for various digital main compass , such as Anschutz STD22 etc.
If the main compass is analog model , customer may use analog-to-digital converter of gyro compass to convert analog signal into digital signal and then matched with 19-F bearing repeater compass to form complete directional system .

Main parameters:

Distinguish ability 0.025°
Reading precision 0.5°
Electric parameters
Voltage 24V DC
Consumption power about 6W
Course heading serial interface Rs422 or Rs232(NMEA)
NMEA interface
Rs 422 interface 4800 baud
1 starting position,1 stopping position, without polarity checkout
Cycle time 120ms
(Sending information accords with NMEA-0183 standard 2.00 edition)
Sentence accord with NMEA2.0(IEC61162-1)
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