CPT-190 Magnetic Compass

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China CPT-190 Magnetic Compass:

CPT-190 Magnetic Compass is a sort of table model liquid magnetic compass . It is used for the middle and small vessels acting as steering compass . The compass is a magnetic compass class A and it is designed and manufactured on the basis of the national standard GB/T 14108-93 ( General Technical Terms of Marine Magnetic Compass Class A ),its technical performance index are completely in accordance with the national standard. The product has the advantages of beautiful outline、high precision、convenient correcting difference、steady performance and legible lighting etc. It is the essential navigation instrument for the middle and small vessels.


Magnetic compass:1pc

Calibrating equipment(fitting case):1 set Main semicircle self heterodyne adjusting magnetic bar 12pcs

Quadrant self heterodyne adjusting pure iron sheet 11pcs

Inclining self heterodyne adjusting magnetic bar 3pcs

Secondary semicircle self heterodyne correcting flinder’s iron bar 8pcs

Spare parts: standby LED compass bulb 1pc

Main technical parameters:

Dial diameter 190mm
Dial graduation 0°~360°1°for each grid
Using temperature -25℃~+70℃
Indicating deviation(H=35μT,T=20±3℃) ≤0.5°
Half period(H=35μT,T=20±3℃) ≥8.62S
Friction deviation(H=35μT,T=20±3℃) 0.09°
Main semicircle self heterodyne correcting energy 1°~45°
Inclining self heterodyne correcting energy -75~+75μT
Lighting power supply AC220V,DC24V
Outline Dimension 750x350x6050mm
Diameter of mounting holes Pitchrow 294 ApertureΦ10
Weight 27kg.

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