CPT-130 Magnetic Compass

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China CPT-130 Magnetic Compass:

This compass is a good kind of liquid compass. It is designed to meet the technical requirements of GB/T10104-1995 and ISO-449 standards referring class A magnetic compass.
It is simple to construction,easy to operate and substantial in economy.

Main Technical Data:

Card diameter Φ130mm
Direction error not more than 1.5°
Friction error not more than 0.26(H=34uT at 20±3°C)
Semi-period more than 5.7 seconds(H=34uT at 20±3°C)
Eddy error not more than 1.2 degree after rotating one cycle in an even speed of 1.5°/sec(H=34uT at 20±3°C)
Chief semi-cycle deviation 1~40°
Quadrant self-deviation 1~6°
Tilting self-deviation -40uT~40uT
Operation temperature -20°~60°C
Overall dimension 240×390×360mm
Dimensions of mounting holes Φ210×4 - Φ 12(the four holes are even-arranged)
Weight 7.5kg
Illumination Power DC 24V0.06A
Spare Parts & Accessory
Correcting magnetic bars 12pcs
Correcting pure iron sheets for quadrant self-deviation 10pcs
Magnetic glass 1set
Plastic oil kettle full of liquid for removing the gas foam
Screw cap bulbs 2pcs(24v0.06A)
Rubber washer 1pc
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