CF-3 Heading Repeater Compass

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China CF-3 Heading Repeater Compass:

CF-3 heading repeater compass made by our company is a new type repeater compass , it has small volume and can be used for flush mounting、wall mounting or desk mounting . It can transmit the course heading indicated by the gyro compass to any places of the vessel where the course heading are needed , it adopts latest electronic technology and computer technology . If the signal of gyro compass is analog signal , you can use our modulus transducer to convert analog signal into digital signal and then inputted to the repeater compass.

Mechnical parameters:

Distinguish ability:0.025°

Reading precision:0.5°

Electric parameters:

Voltage:24V DC

Consumption power:about 6W

Course heading serial interface:Rs422 or RS232(NMEA)

NMEA interface:

RS422 interface 4800 baud

1 starting position,1 stopping postion,without polarity checkout.

Cycle time:120ms

Sending information according with NMEA-0183 standard 2.00 edition

Sentences accord with NMEA2.0(IEC61162-1)

----Gyro compass course heading:


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