A Type Fairlead Rollers

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China A Type Fairlead Rollers:

Complete with a primer paint finish our Warping Roller (also know as Fairlead roller) are immediately ready for any vessel installation. Cast from the finest quality steel for added durability, our fairlead roller range utilises a combination of horizontal and vertical rollers to give you a comprehensive solution for your needs.

Product description:

It is used for bollard cable leading of ships

good wear and corrosion resistance to grant a long service time

All products can be designed according to customers requirements.

The breaking load of tight wire is the highest.

Compact design,precision machined smooth surface,easily removable shafts,

Combination type including double warping roller with plate, three warping roller with plate and more.

Paint: Grey Epoxy Primer, for the middle paint and surface according to your requirement.

Delivery time:7-15 days after order be confirmed.

Machining facilities :CNC center, CNC lathes, ultrasonic wave cleaning etc

A type Fairlead roller
Product No. Nominal diameter Φ
Φ1 Φ2 H c
AFR-001 150 150 216 240 137 5
AFR-002 200 200 280 310 157 5
AFR-003 250 250 350 380 177 6
AFR-004 300 300 400 440 197 7
AFR-005 350 350 460 500 217 7
AFR-006 400 400 520 560 237 7
AFR-007 450 450 590 630 257 7
AFR-008 500 500 660 700 277 7

Supply scope:

DIN 81906-1999 Fairlead roller

NS2585 Type Marine warping roller----Also known as GB 10105-88 warping roller

JIS F2014-1987 fairlead roller


CB58-83 fairlead roller

Cleat fairlead with single roller CB436-2000 type A

Cleat fairlead with single roller CB436-2000 type B

Double Warping Roller With Plate

DIN81907 1997 Fairleads roller

A type Fairlead Rollers

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