Marine Roller

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China Marine Roller:

We can provide CB 58-83 fairlead roller,GB-T10105-88 Marine fairlead roller,JISF 2014-1987 marine guide roller(also named as CB58-83 roller) ,double rollers with plate,three rollers with plate,cleat fairlead with single roller CB436-2000 TYPE A(Fairlead adopt JISF 2014-1987 marine roller fairlead) , cleat fairlead with single roller CB436-2000 TYPE B(Fairlead adopt GB/ T 10105-88 marine warping roller), NS2585 marine mooring roller,Korean roller,type A universal mooring fairlead roller,DIN81906-1999 rollers,marine roller for fairlead,steel roller,steel plate roller, guide rolle with stand,open type two roller fairlead,open type three roller fairlead,Warping roller with cylinder pedestal,marine pedestal fairlead roller like DIN81907 Warping roller with conical pedestal and DIN81907 roller with cylindrical pedestal,also have other non standard roller etc.

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