A60 Fireproof Door

  • Category:Marine Door
  • Material:Steel
  • Standards:CB3234-84
  • Certificate:EC, CCS
  • Packing Details:Iron Pallet
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  • Place of Origin:China
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China A60 Fireproof Door:

Standard: CB3234-84

The steel fireproof door meets the fireproof requirements of SOLAS in 1974, corrected in 1983.We have the EC, ABS, BV, GL, NK, CCS type approval certificate for the door.It can be used in passage way of fireproof area,bulkhead,casing wall of engine room and accommodations of ship.


B class is with emergency exit (kick-out panel) or vent louver.

Color of the door can be selected by the customer. We have the color sample for your reference.

Opening Direction: Left, Right, Outwards, Inwards.

Main Size List(mm):

Class Doorways SiZE Frame Size Opening Size of Wall T D
LXB L1XB1 L2XB2 Decided by the designer T+40
A 1600X600 1693x693 1700x700
1600X650 1693X743 1700X750
1650X600 1693X793 1700X800
1650X700 1743X693 1750X750
1700X600 1793X693 1800X700
1700X650 1793X743 1800X750
1700X700 1793X793 1800X800
1800X600 1893X693 1900X700
1800X700 1893X793 1900X800
1800X800 1893X893 1900X900
1850X800 1943X893 1950X900
B 1600X600 1664X680 1670X685
1600X650 1664X730 1670X735
1650X600 1714X680 1720X685
1650X700 1714X780 1720X785
1700X600 1764X680 1770X685
1700X650 1764X730 1770X735
1700X700 1764X780 1770X785
1800X600 1864X680 1870X685
1800X700 1864X780 1870X785
1800X800 1864X880 1870X885
1850X800 1914X880 1920X885
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