Marine Steel Quick Acting Watertight Door

  • Category:Marine Door
  • Material:Steel
  • Standards:CB/T3477-1996 for reference
  • Certificate:CCS, BV, ABS, GL, LR, DNV, NK,RINA, KR,IRS
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  • Place of Origin:China
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China Marine Steel Quick Acting Watertight Door:

Standard: GB/T3477-1996 for reference

Marine Steel Quick Acting Watertight Door with hand wheel is used for upper structure of ship and constructions on land, drilling platform and basement.It can be opened and closed quickly and lightly, meet the requirements of International Load Line Convention 1966, the water pressure that can bear is 0.05Mpa to 0.15Mpa.

Main Material:

Door frame: Steel

Door Leaf: Steel

Handwheel: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel

Main Size List(mm):

Size of Doorway
Size of Door Opening Size of Wall Thickness of Door Weight
1200x600 1245x645 1280x680 R140 8 142
1400x600 1445x645 1480x680 R140 8 154
1400x600 1445x645 1480x680 R140 10 165
1400x700 1445x745 1480x780 R140 8 177
1400x700 1445x745 1480x780 R140 10 185
1500x600 1545x645 1580x680 R140 8 162
1500x600 1545x645 1580x680 R140 10 172
1500x700 1545x745 1580x780 R140 8 187
1500x700 1545x745 1580x780 R140 10 195
1500x800 1545x845 1580x880 R140 8 205
1500x800 1545x845 1580x880 R140 10 221
1600x600 1645x645 1680x680 R140 8 173
1600x600 1645x645 1680x680 R140 10 181
1600x700 1645x745 1680x780 R140 8 194
1600x700 1645x745 1680x780 R140 10 207
1600x800 1645x845 1680x880 R140 8 211
1600x800 1645x845 1680x880 R140 10 238
The size also can be customerized.
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