Wire Mesh Door

  • Category:Marine Door
  • Material:Steel Wire Mesh
  • Standards:CB452-81
  • Certificate:CCS, BV, ABS, GL, LR, DNV, NK,RINA, KR,IRS
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  • Place of Origin:China
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Wire Mesh Door Drawing

Wire Mesh Door Drawing

China Wire Mesh Door:

Standard: CB452-81

It is used as the door for working cabin or used with weathertight door.


A-single wire mesh door (round corner), used with weathertight door together.

B-single wire mesh door(square corner), used for the working rooms.

C-double wire mesh door, used for the working rooms.

Main Size List(mm):

Type Cear Size Door Size Wall Opening Size R Weight(kgs)
A 600x1400 592x1392 640x1440 100 42
700x1400 692x13992 740x1440 47.2
600x1600 592x1592 640x1640 44.2
700x1600 692x1592 740x1640 44
800x1600 792x1592 840x1640 49
B 600x1600 592x1592 640x1640 _ 43
700x1600 692x1592 740x1640 46
800x1600 792x1592 840x1640 48
C 1000x1600 2(495x1592) 1040x1640 65
1200x1600 2(595x1592) 1240x1640 69.9
1400x1600 2(695x1592) 1440x1640 72

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