DSG250B Tube Crimping Machine

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China DSG250B Tube Crimping Machine:

DSG250B tube crimping Machine is adopted to the locking of high-pressure plastic pipe, fibre pipe and rubber pipe. This machine owns many advantages, such as small dimension, small weight, multifunctional,fast die-opening, easy to operate and repair.


1.small dimension and small weight

2.multifunctional,fast die-opening

3.easy to operate and repair.

Main technical character

Locking diameter: Ф6—Ф51mm

Rular precision:0.02mm

Max locking force: 640T

Power: 4Kw(oil pump motor) 380V


Oli pump out-let quantity:10ml/rad

Dimension: 850x450x1300mm



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Crimping hose


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DSG51AMulti-function pipe crimping machine 6-51mm

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DSG250B tube crimping Machine 6-51mm

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