DSG75 High Pressure Hose Crimper

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China DSG75 High Pressure Hose Crimper:

DSG75 High pressure hose crimper is an enhanced type of a high pressure locking tube machine in model 75, which is the special equipment for pressing the tube end of a high pressure rubber tube with a outer cover and a core together for the production or repair a hydraulic support.

The composition and the main technical characters

The machine is composed of a locking & pressing mechanism, a motor,a gear pump,a control valve and an oil tank.
The locking & pressing force: 725T
The motor model: Y132M-4
The power: 7.5KW
The rotation speed: 1440r/min
The gear pump model: CBF-E540-ALPL
The relief valve model: YF-L20H3-S
The reversal valve model: 34SM-L20H-W
The oil tank capacity: 100kg

The equipment size(L×W×H): 2000×850×1500

The weight: 1200kg

The work principle and the work procedure

A locking & pressing mechanism is a work one in the machine. The pressing cover realizes a reciprocation movement under the leading of the ram plunger, which press or slacken the spring presser fixed on the core shaft to push the tube end, the outer cover and the core into the center hole on the spring presser. Then start the motor, the oil pump, the control valve to drive the ram plunger movement. By means of the pressing cover with a taper inner wall, press tightly the outer wale of the spring presser with a same taper to realize the pressing purpose. After change the direction, the pressing cover moves back and the spring presser returns to the original position and you can take the high pressure rubber tube connection end out.

Name: Hose crimping machine,hose crimper,Pipe locking machine,Locking pipe machine,tube locking machine, tube crimping machine,tube crimper,pipe crimping machine,pipe crimper.
Usage Crimping hose
Popular type: DX68 Hydraulic high pressure hose crimping machine 6-51mm
DSG51A Multi-function pipe crimping machine 6-51mm
DSG51B Multi-function pipe crimper 6-51mm
DSG75 High pressure hose crimper 6-75mm
DSG150 High pressure hose crimping machine 6-150mm
DSG102S hose crimping machine 6-102mm
DSG250A Locking Pipe Machine 6-51mm
DSG250B tube crimping Machine 6-51mm
DSG250C Pipe Locking Machine 6-51mm
JK400 tube crimper 6-64mm
JKS200 Manual type hose crimping machine 6-32mm
SK100 Numeric control locking pipe machine 4-89mm

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