Electric Winch for Accommodation Ladder

  • Category:Marine Winch
  • Material:Steel
  • Standards:GB1392-85, ISO7364-1983
  • Certificate:CCS,DNV,GL, LR, ABS, BV, NK,KR,RINA
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  • Place of Origin:China
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China Electric Winch for Accommodation Ladder:

The electric winch is a short-time working machinery mainly for hoisting and lowering the ship's accommodation ladder.It is with compact structure, equipped with electric control switch. It is reliable and easy in operation. The winch is also equipped with manual device. When operating manually in the case of emergency, Limit switch cuts the power off immediately so as to ensure the safety of operator.

This series of winch have two mounted types: Pad-mounted type and hanging type (Pad-mounted type: ED, Hanging type: EC), installed on the deck or hung under the upper deck. It has two types: left type and right type, they should be manufactured symmetrically.

Standard: ISO7364-1983, GB1392-85

Main Parts: frame, drum, gear box, motor, handle.

Main Technical Parameters:

Working Load 10KN 16KN 20KN
Support Load 30KN 48KN 60KN
Rope Dia 13mm 13-15mm 15-17.5mm
Electric Motor 380V,50Hz 2.2KW 3.7KW 7.5KW
440V,60Hz 2.5KW 4.0KW 8.5KW
Drum rope capacity 37m 50m 68m
Hoist Speed 8.09m/min 10m/min 16m/min


1.Change the working oil in the gear box regularly. After the 1st 50hours’ usage, change all lubrication oil and clean the gear box. The lubrication oil should be changed once for one year. N68 (GB443-84) mechanical oil or ISO VG68 is adopted for lubricating. About4.6 liter of lubrication oil should be put into the gear box for the first time .

2.All blocks and riggings that wire rope on drum will pass by should be lubricated with calcium base grease ZG-3(GB491-65) andoften filled with grease.

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