Messenger Winch

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Messenger Winch


Messenger winch use the patent technique consist of a variety of valve blocks
with function of braking and single counterbalance valve, high speed hydraulic motor, Z type brake, KC
type or GC type planetary gearbox,drum,frame and clutch. The user only needs to provide a hydraulic
power pack and directional valve.Due to the winches fitted with diversified valve block,it not only simplified
the hydraulic system,but also improved the reliability of the winch.In addition,the winches feature a high
efficiency and power, low noise and energy consumption,and have a compact figure and good economic
valve. Therefore, the series have been widely applied to construction, petroleum,mining,geological drilling,
ship and deck machinery.


Model Working load Displacement Pressure Speed Wire Layer Drum Capacity Weight In/out oil port
MW2000 2000kn 1500ml/r 16Mpa 25-27m/min 12 4 100 100kgs G1"
MW3000 3000kn 2100ml/r 16Mpa 18-20m/min 14 4 90 150kgs G2"
MW4000 4000kn 2800ml/r 16Mpa 19-22m/min 15 4 85 150kgs G3"
MW5000 5000kn 3990ml/r 16Mpa 14-16m/min 16 4 100 200kgs G4"
MW6000 6000kn 5600ml/r 16Mpa 18-20m/min 18 4 100 200kgs G5"
MW7000 7000kn 6110ml/r 16Mpa 16-18m/min 18 4 100 300kgs G6"
MW8000 8000kn 6909ml/r 16Mpa 14-16m/min 20 4 100 300kgs G7"
MW10000 10000kn 7550ml/r 16Mpa 16-18m/min 24 4 120 300kgs G8"

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