Spring Type Cable Reel With Built-in Slip Ring

  • Category:Marine Winch
  • Material:Hot dip galvanized steel material
  • Standards:standard
  • Packing Details:Standard Packing
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  • Place of Origin:China
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Spring Type Cable Reel with built-in slip ring

winding or rewinding cables for cranes and other equipments

Features and Benefits:

- driven by swirling springs
- energy-saving
- safe for operation
- attractive appearance
- compact form

General Specification

Recoiling Length(m): 10/15/20/25/30
Current (A): 20-120
Cable Reel
Weight (kg):73~268

Erection Options:

A-Vertical Coiling
B-Reverse Wheel Vertical Coiling
C-Ground Horizontal Coiling (fixed reel)
D-Ground Horizontal Coiling (moving reel)
E-Suspending Horizontal Coiling
F-Suspending Coiling

Note: Cable reels in different configurations and varieties are available.

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