The pressure/vacuum valve for cargo tank is also called as high velocity relief valve or P/V Valve, PV valve. It is a necessary controlled venting system for oil tanker and chemical tanker.

As the sole breathable port of oil tank and chemical tanker, the PV valve is installed on the top of each compartment. When the hydraulic compartment is loading cargo, the pressure valve exhausts the mixed gas at a speed of more than 30m/s vertically upwards and automatically. When discharging cargo, the vacuum valve supply the air into the tank automaticlly to prevent the hydraulic tank from overpressure and pressure loss.

Pressure/vacuum valve is designed, manufactured and tested by the following standards and stipulations´╝Ü

1.IMO. MSC/Circ. 677 Revised Standards of Designing, Testing and Installing the Device that can stop the flame into the liquid cargo tank.


3. IMO. MSC/Circ. 1324

4. EN12874-2001 Requirements, Testing Methods and Usage Scope about the Flame Arrestor as reference.

Material: Cast Steel, Nodular Iron, Stainless Steel

Certificate: CCS, ABS, BV, RMRS

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