Marine Bulk Meter

M Series Positive Displacement Flow Meter Advantage:


Excellent stepless adjusting mechanism allows a micro adjustment of the meter. High accuracy and repeatability over the widest range of flow, superior accuracy at constant flow. Low maintenance, no metal to metal contact in measuring chamber, long life service. Low pressure loss, a true gravity flow meter. Accuracy regardless of pressure fluctuations, temperature variation, viscosity.


Technical specification Model M-40-1 M-50-1 M-50H-1 M-80-1 M-80H-1 M-100-1 M-100H-1 M-150-1 M-150H-1 Size 40mm 50mm 80 100 150 Flow range: L/min 25-250 38-380 55-550 75-750 115-1150 130-1300 170-1700 225-2250 300-3000 Volume per revolution 0.309L 0.681L 1.839L 5.102L 9.507L Max.Pressure 10Bar Accuracy 0.20% Repeatability ≤0.05%

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