Tunnel Thrusters

Tunnel thruster to improve docking, slow speed maneuvering, emergency steering and the dynamic positioning under the zero or low speed, which installed in the bow or stern of ship.
Large vessels usually have one or more tunnel thrusters built into the bow, below the waterline. An impeller in the tunnel can create thrust in either direction which makes the ship turn. Most tunnel thrusters are driven by electric motors, but some are hydraulically powered. These bow thrusters, also known as tunnel thrusters, may allow the ship to dock without the assistance of tugboats, saving the costs of such service. Ships equipped with tunnel thrusters typically have a sign marked above the waterline over each thruster on both sides, as a big cross in a red circle: (x).
Tunnel thrusters increase the vessel's resistance to forward motion through the water, but this can be mitigated through proper fairing aft of the tunnel aperture. Ship operators should take care to prevent fouling of the tunnel and impeller, either through use of a protective grate or by cleaning. During vessel design, it is important to determine whether tunnel emergence above the water surface is commonplace in heavy seas. Tunnel emergence hurts thruster performance, and may damage the thruster and the hull around it.

Main properties:
-Tunnel thrusters with fixed pitch propeller available for bow or stern applications.
-Electric or hydraulic driven
-Available bt 22kW to 450kW
-Material options: Steel / Stainless steel / Bronze
Product package includes:
-Tunnel thruster
-Electric or hydraulic motor
-Main panel with frequency inverter with programmed factory settings
-Oil tank
-Bridge control panel

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