Ceiling Air Diffuser

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China Ceiling Air Diffuser:

Air diffuser is also called cabin unit, it is a kind of terminal unit of marine air conditioning system.

Ceilding Air Diffuser is mainly composed of static pressure box, air volume regulator and diffuser. The air volume has the function of primary air volume limit and secondary air volume regulation. The primary limit mechanism of transmission is used to balance the air volume, so that the air volume distribution reaches the design value. The Secondary air volume is manually adjusted by the crew's own comfort level.

Material: Aluminized zinc plate

Main Size:

Model No A D Y C L B P M H Flow Rate (m3/h)
CMJ-25 160 78 260x260 185 450 150 225 240 50-75, 97-95, 100-120 0-250
CMJ-35 160 98 260x260 185 450 150 225 240 0-350
CMJ-45 160 123 260x260 185 450 150 225 240 0-450
CMJ-50 200 123 320x320 230 600 200 200 284 0-500

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