CCFJ30J-W 30-90KW Cummins Series Diesel Generator Set

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Cummins series diesel generator set:

Dongfeng Cummins diesel generator set to choose Dongfeng Cummins B, C, L series diesel engine with Stanford motor, marathon, Siemens, three wave generator can be selected, such as high reliability, easy maintenance, low fuel consumption, low noise, large power output, continuous operation time, global 3 packets of group, etc. As a joint venture of China and the United States Cummins engine industry's biggest foreign investors in China, China has the Dongfeng Cummins engine co., LTD (produce B, C and L series) and Chongqing Cummins engine co., LTD. (production of N and K series), and other manufacturing enterprises, and to Cummins global unified quality standard production. Using electronic governor, the cooling water temperature is too high, low oil pressure and speed alarm and protection functions such as automatic parking. Cummins company's global service network, to provide customers with reliable service.

Dongfeng Cummins series of advantages:

25% less than other brand engine parts, reduces the volume and weight of the diesel engine,
Fuel oil and engine oil channel most drill within the cylinder block and cylinder head,
Stable performance, low failure rate and maintenance cost,
Control system working voltage: 24 v (DV),
Using alloy steel forging crankshaft journal induction hardening,
Most is equipped with the company unique PT fuel system except (B, C series)
Rotary engine oil, diesel oil and water filter, dry type air filter.

Generating set specifications Diesel Engine Specifications generator specifications Size
model Rated power Voltage/
Model RPM Number
of Cylinders
Diameter of
Model L*W*H
Kw KVA Stanford marathon
CCFJ30J-W 30 37.5 50/400 4BTA3.9-GM47 1500 4L 102/120 3.9 210 UCM224C MP-H-30-4 1670*850*1270 800
CCFJ40J-W 40 50 50/400 4BTA3.9-GM47 1500 4L 102/120 3.9 210 UCM224E MP-H-40-4 1760*850*1270 800
CCFJ50J-W 50 63 50/400 6BT5.9-GM83 1500 4L 102/120 5.9 206 UCM224F MP-H-50-4 1980*895*1300 850
CCFJ64J-W 64 80 50/400 6BT5.9-GM83 1500 6L 102/120 5.9 206 UCM274C MP-H-64-4 1980*900*1300 1000
CCFJ75J-W 75 93.8 50/400 6BT5.9-GM83 1500 6L 102/120 5.9 206 UCM274D MP-H-75-4 1980*895*1300 1250
CCFJ90J-W 90 113 50/400 6BTA5.9-GM100 1500 6L 102/120 5.9 206 UCM274E MP-H-90-4 2080*895*1300 1300
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