CCFJ200Y-W 200KW Cummins Emergency Generator

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Cummins Emergency Generator

1. Applicable to small and medium-sized rivers, lakes and coastal fishing boats, tugs, passenger ship, cargo ships, cruise ships, ferries and other kinds of ship type of emergency power supply.
2. Have the professional experience of Marine power, satisfy personalized customer requirements
3. During the installation process to provide professional application support and after-sales service
4. By CCS, BV, ABS, GL, classification society certification LR, NK, and many other countries
5. The cooling system of generator unit is a fan-water-radiator and the starting model is dual energy start

6. We can supply 1500 r/min, 50 Hz unit configuration, and we also can according to customer requirements to provide 1800 RPM, 60 Hz diesel generating sets


4 B, 6 B, 6 C, 6L series diesel engines are adopt from Dongfeng cummins engine ( a sino-US joint venture company) , Chongqing cummins diesel engine N, K19, K38, K50 series diesel engine, with reasonable structure, excellent performance, easy maintenance and other significant characteristics, professional after-sales service network throughout the rest of the world, providing customers with 24-hour after-sales service and spare parts supply.

The Generator:

Optional Stanford, marathon, domestic well-known brands such as Siemens, Kang Fu ac synchronous generator, protection grade can provide IP23 or IP44
Diesel Engine Specifications generator specifications Size
Model RPM Number
of Cylinders
Diameter of
Model L*W*H
Stanford marathon
N855-DM 1500 6L 140 / 152 14 208 UCM434D MP-H-200-4 2950*1220*1750 2750
N855-DM 1500 6L 140 / 152 14 208 HCM434E MP-H-250-4 3010*1220*1750 2850
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