Rudder Propellers

Rudder Propeller can be operated by mechanical, hydraulic or electric-hydraulic unit. Rudder propeller can be used as the main, auxiliary propulsion and dynamic positioning of the ship, is often used to tug, boats, ferries and barge, etc.

Performance Features

1. Large side inclined blades increase the blade surface ratio, the maximum degree of reduction in the work of generating cavitation, noise and vibration, reasonable design of the blade slightly clearance, greatly improving the propeller efficiency;
2. Self design and production of spiral bevel gear, precision can reach ISO-4 level, can meet the needs of different input speed, long life, high precision bearing selection and arrangement to ensure the accuracy of gear meshing.
3. Raw materials, safe and reliable: propeller blades and hub use high strength nickel aluminum bronze alloy material, transmission shaft and gear selection of high quality alloy steel and ensure the reliability of the product.

4.According to the usual safety factor of the work, each rudder propeller has its own specific design torque. According to our years of work experience, this design torque in the rudder paddle selection process, can not be used as the ultimate basis, but must be carefully considered a variety of service conditions

5.Products have to promote high efficiency, low noise, manipulation of the excellent and shaft winding proof characteristics.It is widely used to ferry, tug, engineering ship and all of manipulating the high performance requirements of the ship .It is a kind of ideal of marine propeller.

6.It has 3 kinds of installation type:Transom installation;Well installation,Deck installation.

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